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Programme change:

  • OP44: Stereoselective domino conjugate additions followed by reaction with carbenium ions and activated alkenes (R.Šebesta)    is moved to: Tuesday, CH1 at 9:50 (instead of YP2)


  • In the time slot of OP44 Wednesday, B1 15:20 will be presented lecture by Martin Kotora (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic): Ir- and Rh-catalyzed C-C Bond Cleavage in Biphenylenes: Synthesis of Phenanthrenes and Phenanthridines

The conference program will cover all traditional as well as newly emerging areas of organometallic chemistry within 5 main topics:

(1)  Fundamental organometallic chemistry: synthesis, structure and reactivity

(2)  Computational and mechanistic studies on organometallic compounds and their transformations

(3)  Catalysis with use of organometallic compounds, including new reactions, stereoselective catalysis and 'sustainable chemistry' issues)

(4)  Organometallic compounds for materials and supramolecular chemistry

(5)  Biological, medicinal, toxicological and environmental aspects of organometallic compounds