Palace Schloss Hof

Date: July 7, 2015
Time: 14:30 – 18:30
Duration: 4 hours           

Price:49 €
Price includes: Admissions, English speaking guide, transportation

Trip to royal history to the amazing Schloss Hof Palace, one of the largest and most magnificent noble seats in the Habsburg empire. This popular sight beyond the western borders of Slovakia was the setting for some of the period’s most splendid celebrations and festivities. After the faithful restoration of palace and grounds, a unique Baroque artistic creation is now open to the visitor of today. The unique interior of the palace offers a peek into the life of the richest men in the former monarchy and its other owners. Experience the atmosphere of the Imperial festivals in apartments furnished once again with pieces of original furniture and walk through splendidly landscaped, terraced baroque gardens with its colourful flower repertoire. Savour the real baroque country life through all your senses on the idyllic manor farm with horses, loveable animals, herb and vegetable gardens and have a look at the workshops of ancient handicrafts.